Nathan J. Shipley



Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Shipley, N.J., Larson, L. R., Cooper, C. B., Dale, K., LeBaron, G., & Takekawa, J. (2019). Do birdwatchers buy the duck stamp? Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 24(1), 61-70.

  • Shipley, N. J. & Bixler, R. D. (2017). Beautiful bugs, bothersome bugs, and FUN bugs: Examining human interactions with insects and other arthropods. Anthrozoos 30(3), 357-372. (PDF)

  • Jones, C., Shipley, N. J., Ul-Hasan, S. (2017). Bringing the parks back to the people: Revisiting the dual mandate and core values of the National Park Service. The George Wright Fourm, 34(1), 45-52. (PDF)

  • Shipley, N. J. & Bixler, R. D. (2016). On the need to interpret insects: An always small but gargantuan opportunity. Journal of Interpretation Research, 21(2), 65-72. (PDF)


Popular Readership

  • Shipley, N. J., & Bixler, R. D. (2019). An unconventional approach to fostering entomological literacy. American Entomologist, 65(1), 19-23.

  • Shipley, N. J & Bixler, R. D. (2017). Why learn about insects? Green Teacher Winter 2017, 3-6.